Returning 2024

We're excited to announce that Lasuni will be returning as an all-new game in 2024! We plan to launch with a storyline, quests, private spaces and more!

Development is currently underway.

Unfortunately the original dev team of Lasuni is no longer part of the team, they will always be remembered.

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Our History

In 2008, Jason Bryan, and David Stribling started working on a virtual world that came to be called Lasuni. Since that day millions of lines of code have been written, 1,699 pixel items have been created, and most importantly 25,262 people have been welcomed into our community.

We're deeply proud of the community that we've built with the incredible team of volunteers that have helped run Lasuni over the years; without their generosity and hard work, Lasuni wouldn't have amounted to anything. We've had hundreds of events over the years, with 72 users online simultaneously at peak - all thanks to this incredible team.

So without further ado, a massive thank you to: Ambear, Alex, Anchor, Avocado, Calibrate (RIP), Coeur, Comet/Film, Fez, Galaxy, Pixel/Betelgeuse, Samba, Virtuoso and Wombat.

Sadly, all good things must come to an end. We've had a good run, but as the years passed online games have been displaced by the latest and greatest on mobile phones and tablets.

It has been a privilege to create something that has inspired so much dedication and support from so many people (extra kudos to everybody who made a fansite!). We hope that some semblance of Lasuni will live on in the friendships that has fostered within this wonderful community.



Lasuni by the Numbers

  • 4.97 Years Spent in Lasuni
  • 126,533 Unique Vistors
  • 2,825,112 Visits
  • Users from 169 Countries
  • 37,113 Feed Posts
  • 52,550 Feed Post Comments
  • 28,232 Feed Up Votes
  • 193,238 Items Purchased
  • 560 News Articles
  • 2,081 Whack-a-Lion Games
  • 1,245 Help Tickets Answered
  • 321 Spaces Created
  • 45,782 Water Balloons Thrown
  • 2,986 User Referrals
  • Never Quite Made It Out of Beta